Technology Solutions Integrator.

Powerful, integrated go-to-market solutions.


Comprehensive technology driven education platform.

Underpinned by some of the best applications in the industry.


End-to-end Enterprise Content Management Solutions.

Underpinned by Industry leading software.

We help identify effective and manageable solutions to systematically improve efficacy in underperforming channels.

Founded in 2001, Effective Marketing Solutions (EMS) focuses almost entirely on driving top line growth by helping to better understand the link between client and product to differentiate the value proposition and meet customer needs in addition to solving any existing pricing paradox and developing consumer interaction that earns advocacy.

EMS is a technology solutions integrator that brings deep functional expertise from our cohort of consultants, known for our holistic perspective, our work has proven to have a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of all parts.

We help entities in the private and public sector build powerful, integrated go-to-market systems that create a pathway between the company’s strategy and exceptional customer experiences that are the ultimate drivers of consumer advocacy and loyalty.

We use technology solutions to help align marketing, communication and brand strategies with the fundamental business objectives. Using the balanced scorecard paradigm, we ensure investments are generating the highest returns and reinforcing the brand positioning while building a consumer base by cultivating a strong trusted image.

End to End (E2E) Enterprise Content Management Solutions

EMS Group Board of Directors and Advisors

George Connolly

BSc, MBA Intl Bus

Ralph Ramkerrysingh


Gregory Engelbrecht

BSc, B.Eng, MSc, CMC

Peter Van Gend

MBA Intl Bus, MRE, MSc

Ryan Nurse


Julian Jordan

BSc Econ, MBA Harvard Business School

Dale Miller


Founded in 2001

Electronic Vehicle Registration.